Forge your destiny.

Explore a land of mystery and danger in a time of uncertainty and strife. Find adventure in lost tombs and forgotten places. Explore the exotic and deadly city of Cathyr and uncover a spiderweb of corruption and deceit within the ruthless world of the Crinti.

This campaign is run as a free-form sandbox, where players can try whatever they wish and deal with the consequences. Want to start your own guild? or build your own castle? or perhaps you fancy the crown of the kingdom for yourself? Anything is possible, if you have the skills and resource to back you up.

As a group, we value strong characters and good role-play above high character stats and hack’n’slash and we appreciate players who have a similar point-of-view. Our players would rather choose an interesting but floored character that enhances the story than some power-leveled warrior. For us, it’s all about character depth.

That’s not to say we don’t enjoy good combat, strategy and the occasional dungeon crawl – far from it – but these encounters are backed up by the plot and so have more meaning and worth. As a GM I try to ensure that enemies have believable motives, ecology and behaviors.

This is a long-running campaign (some 7 or 8 years now) which was conceived before the region was fleshed out by Wizards of the Coast. Because of this there are several differences between this campaign and the official materials. Most of these differences are minor, however the most notable is that Maarlith is not ruled by the Crinti as defined in the more recent supplements. I do however attempt to adhere to the official material whenever possible, but never at the expense of the campaign.

We play our games using Fantasy Grounds virtual table-top software, and the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition rule-set. We are all easy to get along with, intelligent and dedicated gamers but at the same time we realize that real-life had to take precedence over our fantasy world and so it’s acceptable when players cannot make it to a session due to other commitments.


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