• Adynius Grainwood

    Adynius Grainwood

    Adynius is the optimistic, singing, impatient bard who keeps the spirit of the group up high.
  • Aemore Mistvale

    Aemore Mistvale

    Bahir was on the trail of this ancient vampire when he first joined the group.
  • Feng Imytholin

    Feng Imytholin

    Feng is deceitfull, cunning, manipulative and thoroughly evil. She is a Crinti noble and a sorceress of great power.
  • Lorik Dias

    Lorik Dias

    Lorik is the High Morninglord of the temple of Lathander in Maarlith.
  • Nathanell Wayne

    Nathanell Wayne

    Nathell Wayne is the Captain of Maarlith's militia. He is also a member of the town's council.
  • Pauristin Lyonallin

    Pauristin Lyonallin

    Pauristin the Wizard is a high ranking member of the Harpers.
  • The mute girl

    The mute girl

    This poor girl cannot speak, but she seems gifted and somehow you know that she has some role to play.. but what?