Adynius Grainwood

Adynius is the optimistic, singing, impatient bard who keeps the spirit of the group up high.


Adynius is a good-looking young man. His friendly looking dark brown eyes, match the colouring of his almost black hair in a tail. At a glance, his skinniness makes him look rather tall.


He has a very open personality, which easily shows his emotions. He enjoys living, singing and scribing his own songs. Although handy, his strength is below average. The biggest trump he has, is the knowledge he gathered from his mentor Malen in the many years they’ve shared back home. He loves reading and adores old scrolls and artefacts. Nature has his biggest respect, as Chauntea is his mistress. His respect goes so deep, that his is reluctant to hurt even a fly (unless off course she becomes aggressive…). He opposes unjust imprisonment of any kind, including slavery.

His fears go out to the evil, hairy, ugly looking eight-legged spiders of any height, and more recently: to the famous Hill Giants of the Valley of the Dead Kings in Cathyr. As soon as he even believes one is in his near vicinity, his heart goes pumping, his sweat goes dripping, his skin pales and most importantly: his logic thinking shuts off. At such times, it is not strange to see him cowering behind some rock or tree or to see him yelling and running around (sometimes even speeded by a spell he cast).

When he first joined the party, at the end of the first week of Eleasias. High above the landscape, on Hilltop. His eye caught the hard-bitten elven warrior ranger Angwyn, who now shares his passionate love.

Adynius originates from Ashabenford, Mistledale. He embarked upon a mission to gather information about Drow and Crinti nobles, in the name of the Council of Six. This mission ended however in bloodshed. During a night in the Valley of Dead Kings, his party was ambushed by a group of Hill Giants who were hunting for food. As far as he knows, he is the sole survivor.

Whenever he has the time at camp, he teaches Angwyn to play the Lute and writes down his adventures in a tome he bought from the wizards in Pauristin’s Tower.

He is eager to help the Mute Girl, to which he communicates through the pipes. And out of curiosity, he wants to find the Rift Engine. Pauristin told them that this device could grant one the means to travel in time. A thing Feng could possible use for her evil plans! Even though the plague has slowed them down and drifted their thoughts away from the Rift Engine, he is determined to stop her from gaining such powers.

Adynius Grainwood

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