Session log
This is the adventure log for the Cathyr Campaign.

Following a perilous encounter with a pack of vicious Dire Wolves, the group made haste Southwards, hoping to evade the Hill Giants who were the wolves masters. While travelling across the Dambrath plains, they encountered a pair of hunters who were headed up into the hills to hunt deer. Our heroes warned the hunters of the dangerous Hill Giants and in return were informed of an odd party whom the hunters had seen travelling West along the Maarlith-Cathyr road, towards Cathyr.

The hunters described how they had seen a party of Crinti who were transporting a captive East towards Cathyr. From the description, it seemed that their captive wore they orange and yellow robes of a Priest of Lathander.

If this was true, our heroes could not fail to act. They immediately pressed south-easterly in the hope of cutting off the group before they reached Cathyr’s gates. Pressing forward and using magical means to accelerate their travel, they managed to cut ahead.

The captors were followers of Lovitar, and with them their captive was blindfolded and shackled. Showing no mercy for this injustice, the group set upon them, taking them down with swift efficiency. They unbound the prisoner and to their surprise it turned out to be none other than High Priest Lorik Dias, of the temple of Lathander in Maarlith.

Being so close to Cathyr, the party decided to quickly move West along the road to put some distance between them and the foul city of the Crinti.

Lorik explained that he had answered a call for help – an old woman who needed healing and was too stricken to leave her home. When Lorik arrived it turned out to be a trap. He was set upon by the wicked Lovitians, who subdued and shackled him before taking to the road. It appeared Lorik was to be little more than a trophy for Lovitar, had they made it back to their temple, Lorik would most likely met a cruel and prolonged end.


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